Laser Facials


How does it work +

Laser facials harness technology to deliver energy beneath the skin’s surface, reversing the signs of sun damage, age spots, and hyper-pigmentation. The energy in laser facials helps your skin at the deepest level, reducing the appearance of acne, sun spots, age spots, and brown spots. They also improve skin’s brightness and clarity, stimulate collagen growth, and improve overall skin tone.

What can I expect during the treatment +

During a laser facial session, the intense energy may feel mildly uncomfortable and immediately after the treatment the treated area may have a slight sunburn sensation for a few days. For best results, 3-6 treatments spaced about one month apart is necessary. The number of treatments required depends on the severity of the skin condition.

What are the results +

Visible results become apparent after just one treatment. In the weeks following, skin is more evenly toned, pore size is reduced, and there is a noticeable reduction in the appearance of age spots, discoloration, broken blood vessels, acne, redness, fine lines, and wrinkles. The result after a series of laser facials is clearer, younger-looking skin.

Is it safe +

The downtime with an ATOMIC laser facial is dependent on the amount of underlying damaged cells you may have and the level of laser used. Redness will subside in a couple of hours, and any darkened spots can be covered with makeup until they slough off in 5-7 days.